Biomedical Maintenance

Our biomedical maintenance service provide :

  • Equipment Calibration
  • Safety Inspection
  • Equipment Repair
  • Preventive Maintenance


Bluemed healthcare provides calibration services to ensure that accuracy of all vital components and electrical safety of biomedical equipment.


Spares and Accessories

Bluemed HealthCare provides a wide range of Spares and Accessories to hospitals,clinics and laboratories with affordable cost and quality.


Welcome to Bluemed HealthCare

dedication beyond measure


Bluemed Healthcare is heartily dedicated to providing integrated Health Care Technology management services. Established in the year 2016 with the vision of providing Clinical engineering services and its related products, spares,etc.

Bluemed Healthcare is one of the India's Leading and Fastest growing Company.

Our Vision

It’s really simple – We aim to supply all hospitals, clinics and private practices with top notch surgical, cardiac, diagnostic equipment, Accessories, Spare Parts and its services.

Our Mission

Be a best service provider in Medical Technology Products and Solutions to make healthcare effective and accessible to everyone across the globe.

Our Care Products & Accessories

products and accessories we provide

Quality Policy & Resources

Bluemed Healthcare are at our best to fulfill customer satisfaction through regulatory compliance, constant feedback, regular auditing and appropriate staff training. We always focused to ensure that we have both the infrastructure and technical know how to keep abreast of the ever increasing demands and challenges in the fast changing Medical Equipment Technologies. We have our supporting team of experienced engineers and technicians trained in relevant field. Hands-on experience of supporting for technical activities comprises preventive, breakdown, performance verification services for various types of equipment.

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